Outdoor wedding ceremony

An outdoor wedding at Rozalin Palace, a marquee reception, guests from all corners of the world and brilliant weather. It could not get any better. And all this in a great familiar atmosphere with no rush typical of the wedding day. Just because everything happened in one place there was time for a quiet session on the very wedding day, a portrait of the Bride before the ceremony and photos of details. And we made time to support the Polish national football team, too.
Ania and Ajit live in Brussels, they have two little children and very busy lives. Due to the large number of international guests they decided to have their wedding in Warsaw. Organizing everything long-distance is not easy, but Ania managed to tie up loose ends perfectly.
Ajit is of Indian origin hence the idea of a fusion wedding, the combination of jazz and music from Bollywood movies, a riot of colour and Indian decorations only seemed natural.
Our couple were looking for someone who had a lot of experience shooting international weddings and so they came across us. Thank you very much for your trust in us and congratulations again!

Below are some words from Anna and Ajit. Check out the photos from their wedding!

Dear Smokes, 

The photos are wonderful! Thank you so much for being our wedding photographers. You were the only ones I wanted to photograph my wedding day. I fell in love with your photos and your style straightaway. And it was definitely worth putting my foot down and convincing Ajit that the Smokes would be the best option for us :). To quote Ajit: ”Amazing photos!!! These guys really have some talent.” Going through the pictures yesterday we started dreaming about an elopement session for our anniversary. With you 🙂

Massive hugs,
Ania i Ajit