Engagement Session in Italy

What’s the recipe for a successful engagement photo session in Italy ?

To cut a long story short, have fun and trust your photographer.
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Do you know the feeling when it is hot in the air, but not unbearably hot? When the heat is mingling with the sea breeze? When laughter coming from a nearby restaurant is mixing with the screams of gulls flying over your head? It was one of those days.
The plan was very simple. A wedding in the middle of the week and an engagement photo shoot the day before the wedding day. Crazy? Not necessarily. To tell you the truth, the plan was simply perfect.

We always look for things we have in common with our couples. Somewhere at the intersection of our and their lives where we can get to know each other better. The moment we met Justyna and Robert we knew straightaway that this was a perfect match. Justyna and Robert loved wine, running and photography. Just like us!
The engagement session got the couple in the perfect mood for the next day and the rest of their stay in Portovenere. We were not only able to get to know each other much better and spend some time together, but also find out what they liked, what made them feel good or what made them laugh. This knowledge was quite vital considering the fact that there were only 6 people at the wedding, including us.

From the very beginning of the photo shoot Justyna and Robert totally forgot about us. They interpreted our ideas with ease and spontaneity. It should always be like that. The photographer’s vision should mingle naturally with the personality and temperament of the people photographed. And what made a perfect backdrop for Justyna and Robert’s story was the charm of Portovenere and the warm evening light.


Do we only do wedding and engagement photo sessions? No, we have a much wider range of sessions to offer: couple sessions, friend and family sessions, portraits and lifestyle photography. We also do commercial and corporate photography. We even photograph architecture!

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