We met Stefanie and Michael at Julia and Manuel’s wedding in Italy. It was a fabulous wedding reception in Verona. One of those unforgettable days with the ceremony in an historic church, the cocktails by the pool and a garden dinner. And all of this in Dolce&Gabbana style. Everything was simply amazing in those surroundings and taking photos seemed effortless. So we were even more chuffed when we got a phone call from Stefanie a few weeks later. The message was short and sweet – a surprise party for her husband’s 50th birthday. In Venice. There’s this one-off vibe about Venice in the winter time. Hardly any tourists, not much happening at the local markets, and most importantly, perfect conditions for photographs. You can just roam the streets of Venice for hours and soak in its atmosphere. When we got there it turned out that the schedule was rather tight so we had no spare time on our hands. Buy it was brilliant anyway. There was a dinner with friends at the Gritti Palace on Friday and a black tie party and bellini at Harry’s Bar the following day. In other words, it was simply amazing. The party was quite challenging to photograph though as it was all about eating and chatting. Typical Italian. Below you will find a brief coverage of the event. Enjoy.