Monika and Andrzej’s party was yet another wedding we had the pleasure of photographing at the Old Orangery in Warsaw. Because of all the unexpected situations that we were witnesses to on that day, we started looking at the place from a totally different angle, which perfectly aligned with our philosophy. There is nothing worse than photographers who limit themselves to copying their own work. However beautiful the venue may be, it is only a backdrop against which we photograph people who are always the most important. We couldn’t care less about all the details if they weren’t part of the energy created by all the people involved in our clients’ most special day, namely their wedding. It does not mean we don’t take pictures of details. We do, but we don’t think they are a vital part of our material. Therefore, we decided, perversely, not to include any pictures of details in the selection below. There are a few exceptional facts to take note of here, namely the scorching heat we still remember to this day, helicopter landing on the parking lot, or the first dance which broke all the stereotypes. Monika and Andrzej are a couple with amazing energy, which we can still feel. We’re not trying to be nice here. It is a fact.
A technical curiosity: the whole material was shot with the Leica Q and Nikon d810. Guess which year it was 😉