Julia wanted her group shots to be kept in the style of Dolce & Gabbana editorials. Until the very wedding day we’d had no idea what kind of setting we would shoot in or what time we were going to do it. So, we got ready by bringing studio generators and lots of extra gear with us. It was rather complicated logistically but we like to go the extra mile to do things right.

A wedding shoot in Italy is arguably most wedding photographers’ dream, let alone most brides’. We could write a few posts about Julia and Manuel’s wedding, Verona’s fabulous atmosphere, our obsession with Italian cuisine, our discoveries of local restaurants hidden in charming little towns or our trip to captivating Lake Garda. In other words, we can say that we transform every single trip to Italy into our holidays full of delicious food and wine. However, it goes without saying that every destination wedding is an event one has to get ready for, especially if the couple are two fashion designers with a very clear idea of what their wedding should look like. We met Julia and Manuel at a wedding in Warsaw and it turned out that they really appreciated the way we poured our hearts into our photos and each and every story we shot. So, they decided to invite us to their wedding in Italy. After we’d signed the contract and got the wedding invitations, we realised that we could expect an amazing wedding.

dolce & gabbana inspired wedding

Preps, wedding session and ceremony in Verona

The whole event consisted of two parts. After the preps at Relais La Magioca close to Negrar, we attended the ceremony in Verona. It took place in one of the oldest churches in the very centre of town at midday. We can’t deny the fact that the session in the beautiful Giusti Garden straight after the ceremony was a real challenge because of the high temperatures and hard light of the early afternoon. We got back to La Magioca to attend the poolside wedding reception. An extremely chilled-out atmosphere, dogs running around and lots of laughter is always something that pushes us in the direction of street photography :).

The whole day, including the group shots, was divided into two parts because both our couple and the guests changed their clothes during the day. In the morning the bride had a stunning dress on and the guests wore pool party outfits suited for the occasion. Later, during the wedding reception everyone wore proper evening attire.

Black tie party
Right before the dinner Julia mentioned that they had designed all the decorations. So we jumped at the opportunity to use all the details and have a short medium-format photo shoot. Since then we’ve used phase one at almost every single wedding we’ve worked at. The reception was all about traditional speeches, even more scrumptious food and, of course, the rest of group shots Dolce&Gabbana style. We absolutely loved it!
The Verona wedding is yet another proof that you must have versatile skills and solid technique up your sleeve as a wedding photographer, especially if you are thinking of shooting destination weddings. Something that is seemingly easy to photograph turns out to be a challenge. We had 10 minutes for a wedding shoot of Julia and Manuel. We had equally little time to do group shots in hard midday light. While Dorota was taking the last pictures by the pool, I was getting the gear ready for the family shots. There was literally no time for tests or mistakes. And everything in 40 degrees under the scorching Italian sun. The candle-lit wedding dinner  in the garden did not allow us to use the flashlight but it actually boosted our creativity. We could shoot such challenging weddings every weekend.
Enjoy the photos!

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