The other thing that really surprised me was the how much flow there was between us and our photographers. Not even once did we feel that we were working hard on something that later turned out to be the most beautiful memory for the rest of our lives. Everything just happened. In between a joke that Michal cracked and a wedding anecdote that Dorota told us. After the whole day of working with the ‘Smokes’, we didn’t only feel exhausted (try climbing a tree while wearing a wedding dress that weighs almost 20kg), but also relaxed, happy, and absolutely gorgeous.

Every time we travel and shoot a wedding reportage, we get back home with suitcases full of inspiration, and our memory cards filled with emotions and memories. This time wasn’t different. One could say that Iza and Gabrys are the ultimate couple. Not only amazing human beings, but also head over heels in love with each other, and open and curious about other people and the world around them. We found out we had quite a lot in common with them so we clicked straight away.
Dear Iza and Gabrys! Many thanks for your trust, your time, the possibilities you gave us! Thanks for your openness, your spontaneity, the good vibe and the fun we had together! And that you felt like coming all the way from Sweden just so that you could meet us before your wedding day! We love you guys! We were able to make your dreams come true and take these pictures thanks to you and your involvement!
It wouldn’t have happened without the ideal cooperation and perfect understanding we had. Pheeeew! Wasn’t it scorching hot that day? It was super brave of you not to let anyone convince you to have the reception inside the castle, even though you risked getting caught in torrential rain. Good on you, Grannies!

We got inspired by Buz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby‘

And this is the message we got from our rock’n’roll Bride right after she’d seen the pictures:

“First of all, a massive T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!!! You really are the best! The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! They are the best wedding gift we could have wished for. Every single picture is alive and full of emotions and it takes you back in time! And a big thank you for the wonderful cooperation! As I said straight after the wedding, I don’t think we would have survived had it not been for you two and Kinga. We hope we can do it again at our 5th anniversary party!
We think it was absolutely brilliant. You’re sooooo easy to work with! Your fly on the wall style is simply amazing. You made us and all the guests feel chilled and natural the whole time. The very session was very pleasant, too. You even managed to turn Gabrys, who’s normally quite stiff, into a model. And this was an absolute tour de force. If I could have done one thing differently, I would have told our guests to stop running around with their mobiles and taking pictures because you were taking them! I think Gabrys would agree with me that we wouldn’t like to have changed anything else about our wedding day. It was absolutely terrific!

A piece of advice for future newlyweds: surround yourselves with POSITIVE and calm people. Debbie downers can stay at home so that everyone can feel better. I’ve just had a look at the pictures for the hundredth time. I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t stop looking at them! They are so FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!! We’ve just agreed that we’re gonna get a divorce so that we can get married again. We’re lost for words. We’ve never been happier. I’m just sitting here and crying. The Grannies.”

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