Wedding Photography Awards

Photo competitions are a mixture of good luck, the jury’s preferences and, of course, the photographer’s choice of photos. Some people claim that you don’t only have to excel at editing, but also be extremely lucky if you want to win a contest. As we all know, jury members are often faced with thousands of images that get sent in every single category. Therefore, we felt rather chuffed when Michal got two awards, the second and the twelfth place in one category, WPJA TRI-2 Creative Portrait of Groom Category, at the Wedding Photography Journalist Association Awards.

Creative Portrait of Groom

One of the images, Kuba’s portrait, was inspired by Tom Ford commercials and fashion generally. On the other hand, there’s a strong reportage story behind the other image. Mateusz broke his arm in a bike accident shortly before his wedding and this image reflects it perfectly well.  ‘Of course, it didn’t just happen by pure chance,’ concluded Mateusz when he heard his portrait had won an award. Yes, we agree. We always are very meticulous in our preparations for a reportage so that we can grasp such details. Thanks a lot, Sylwia and Mateusz! Full entry dedicated to their wedding here: STORY

Here you will find the material from Kuba and Lyndon’s wedding. CLICK! Thanks for an amazing cooperation.


WPJA TRI-2 Creative Portrait of Groom Category – 12th Place

WPJA TRI-2 Creative Portrait of Groom Category – 2nd Place