Wedding reportage and timing

My love for weekends and photo commissions can only be compared with my hate for Mondays. I am sure you know the feeling when you sit in your office on a Monday morning and the only thing you are capable of doing is reading your daily papers, even though you were really determined to catch up on your admin work when you got up? Oh well. Mondays don’t belong to the ‘Productive Day’ category. They just don’t.
While I was happily clicking away today, I decided to sort out my email box. Since our Asian trip, we’ve received quite a bit of spam, so I dug deep and bumped into a mail from Justyna and Marcin which was actually sent in autumn last year:

“Once again, thank you very much! All of our guests admitted that they had never seen such hard-working photographers who were always at the right place at the right time;)”

So it turns out that that today is not going to be a complete waste of time. An ideal balance between sorting out our email box and finding something useful, namely a subject which often pops up in conversations with our clients. ‘How do you manage to be at the right place at the right time?’ Magic. Let’s call it ‘timing’ for now.

Those who say that the magic potion is the right mix of talent, a lot of hard work and experience, and a pinch of good luck, are probably right. Of course, you can, or, I should rather say, you have to make your own luck. The right attitude, focus, gear which you know in and out, and the ability to predict what’s going to happen next. We wrote a bit more about being a wedding photographer in the article called Wedding and Street Photography which you will find here.

How can you get it always right at a wedding? Do you need to be a WhiteSmoke born with a silver spoon in your mouth or is it enough to #KeepMovingKeepShooting? Or maybe we are just lucky to be invited to fantastic parties? This helps, of course, but one thing is certain – we would not get great results if we did not practise photographing on a daily basis. You have to be totally committed to your passion. You need to photograph with your heart, while your rational thinking can kick in while you’re editing. Plus a few tricks, which we are going to cover during our next workshop.

Wedding reportage and numbers

Justyna and Marcin’s wedding was certainly one of those weddings which one cannot just get bored at. The day was full of sun, music and amazing light. A fun fact is that this wedding was full of different records. For example, we had the highest number of images with central framing out of all our 2017 weddings. The highest number of images shot with a 50mm lens. And the highest number of sensors we used – ranging from APS-C to medium format. And one of the reportages we delivered the fastest in 2017 – two weeks after the wedding. Scroll down and enjoy!