Moments Between Moments

Photography is a state of mind – bold, real, unpredictable. It is a connection between reality and dreams. A photo captures the now.

And the remarkable result is that this now becomes a living memory for years to come. WhiteSmoke Studio captures your wedding, moment to moment. At the core, we are classic photographers. We appreciate the elegance and simple beauty of people – in all their moods, forms and relationships. We are also documentarians, or storytellers, if you will. It is through our connection with you that we can bring your wedding photos to a creative expression that is uniquely you.

Bristol Hotel Love Story
wedding portrait in hotel room
detail shot
fun wedding reception

WhiteSmoke Studio is not a service

We are artWe are creativity


Set of minds

We are Dorota Kaszuba and Michał Warda, the professional photographers behind WhiteSmoke Studio. Together and individually, we capture your special moments.

Our collaboration began in earnest when we met while doing what we love the most – photographing people in their natural environment as photojournalists. Tasks we were separately assigned required courage, confidence and focus. Our individual works have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout Europe. This mutual love of photography and people took its natural course, leading to the birth of WhiteSmoke Studio.

The unique package WhiteSmoke Studio offers is two sets of professional eyes focused on your wedding. Our photographic excellence is validated in the numerous award-winning wedding photos WhiteSmoke Studio has produced. Additionally, we are regularly ranked among the best wedding photographers at international contests such as ISPWp or WPJA. However, the truest and most gratifying validation we boast is the fact that we are often asked to photograph other photographers’ weddings. The anxiety and humility one feels when photographing one’s peers is an experience that prepares the professional photographer for the most demanding of situations. We fully understand and appreciate working under pressure and let’s not forget, it is pressure that makes diamonds.

WhiteSmoke Studio
London wedding photographers
WhiteSMoke Studio
Self portrait in Granada

We always work together

Two award-winning photographers. No second shooter.

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