Your wedding is a statement, an announcement - a change in your trajectory.

We understand that this change of life does not happen in one instant nor can the memory of it be fully captured in a posed picture. To be sure, the standard eloquence of staged photos of a wedding have a place too. We do not wish to ridicule nor degrade this time-honoured tradition. It has significance and for sure we can meet this standard. However, we believe documenting your wedding requires a fuller approach.

We throw away the “rules of engagement” of traditional weddings. In today’s ever-changing landscape of wedding types (cultural, ethnic, humorous, non-religious, same-sex, etc.), we actively embrace them all because we embrace you. We follow our gut. We move. Constantly. Unobtrusively. Purposefully looking to capture the moment between the moments.

Your personal storytellers

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Dorota Kaszuba and Michal Warda are the award winning London wedding photographers who are WhiteSmoke Studio. We – together and individually - capture your special moments.

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Are you looking for photographers who can capture the most unforgettable moments of your life in a few photographs that will make you, your friends and family gasp with amazement? Search no more – you have just found them! We are Dorota Kaszuba & Michal Warda – a dream team in life and at work. What makes us special? Well, first and foremost the photos and the fact that every wedding is covered by both of us. That brings in a much wider perspective and an opportunity to be wherever something worth capturing is happening. As former press photographers we understand very well that some moments are unique and unrepeatable and must be captured here and now – no time to hesitate!

We are ready to work under pressure, we know how to make the time and place work for us. We are sure that there is no such thing as a meaningless moment. Being excellent storytellers and having a sharp eye for detail we are able to spot action even if the scenery seems lifeless. Every little thing that makes your wedding special will not go unnoticed. Contrary to popular belief that states otherwise we have no doubt that wedding photography is an excellent occasion to take extraordinary, creative shots full of artistic expression.

Year in Review

The last few days have brought us lots of joy and satisfaction. In ISPWP’s (The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) annual report we landed on the 27th and 51st position. 3 of our images ended up in the Top 80 photos out of all the categories, which led to publications in Daily Mail,, and the local Polish This was simply amazing! Below you’ll find out what 2016 was like and our plans for 2017!
Every new season, every wedding, every travel experience and every new commission is an exciting experience for us. So was 2016. To the extent that we decided to have ‘2016, Year in Review’ for the very first time. We also realized that we’d neglected our blog – the most recent entry dated back to March 2016. One could have thought we had nothing to show or write about. Well, on the contrary. 2016 was a very busy year and we still have material from 2015 queuing up to be see daylight. Having a glance through last year’s photos we realised how many places we visited and how much actually happened. We promise that we will make time to share most of the material with you. But first things first. Check out our summary below which is not really ‘Best Of,’ but rather a relaxed stroll through last year’s experiences.

We got the chance to photograph a wonderfully intimate wedding in Tuscany, explore the nooks and crannies of the Spanish Granada with our couple, and have the time of our lives under the scorching sun in our beloved Portugal. And this is just a fraction of our travel experience from 2016 which began with an engagement shoot in Paris and ended with Michal taking part in a Magnum Photo workshop in Bangkok. Please check our latest wedding stories below.

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