Winter holidays in Thailand

It is our annual tradition to go on winter holidays abroad. And the only thing we normally wish for is that it has to be somewhere warm and sunny. We are desperate to charge our batteries after a whole wedding season spent getting from point A to point B all over Europe, waiting at the airports, or editing pictures in front of the computer screen. We simply have to set off to explore new places.

Last year we changed our attitude slightly. We chose places that fit in with our personal projects. Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Japan and Vietnam can be two totally different worlds, especially since we chose to visit Tokyo and Hanoi. Nepal, Kathmandu in particular, is the smog capital of Asia. Sri Lanka was to cater for our need to bask in the warmth of the sun. Unexpectedly, though, Thailand came up on our list, a country we both love to the bits. Open, welcoming locals, delicious food and deserted beaches if you know where to find them. This time we chose Koh Samui to do a family session with Marta, Maciek, and their wonderful kids at Christmas time. It couldn’t get any better!

A family session in the rain

As we were landing in Koh Samui, we were planning the session assuming it was going to be scorching hot and sunny, as usual. We were working on different scenarios in case the kids prefered to sit in the shade to hide from the sun. We can definitely say we were well prepared, although we were slightly worried about the hordes of tourists, since Koh Samui is known for being crowded. Luckily, we found a quiet nook on a beautiful beach, far from the tourist-infested centre of the island. The only thing we had in mind was to find quiet beaches, have a break after the intensity of Hanoi and get ready for the session.

The reality turned out to be slightly different. We did find empty beaches. But clouds covered the sky on the very first day and it did start pouring down with rain. Oh well.

It didn’t really discourage us. We were in Thailand after all, which meant it had to be sunny. Undeterred, we just explored the island on a scooter and we stuffed our faces with seafood. And then came the session day!

We cannot find words to describe it. Have a look below 😉 We wish more of our sessions were equally crazy! Marta, Maciek and their kids were totally unfazed by the weather. We had a whale of a time with them! Cheers, guys!