Britta and Pawel many congratulations once again! We wish you all the best and thank you for the fantastic atmosphere! Enjoy the photos! Here are a few words from our Bride to inspire all the brides-to-be!:) Dear B, thank you for sharing this story with us!

We were both travelling a lot the months before our wedding and had only half a year to organize everything so I believe that it must have been quite a rush. The funny thing is though, that we completely forgot about the stressful moments of the preparation but are just amazed how this ugly little “caterpillar-wedding” turned into a big beautiful butterfly (a big thank you to all the people who helped us to reveal the butterfly, a few of them are mentioned below) – with some flaws of course (amongst the major and minor disasters, we lost 150 delicious cupcakes on our way from church to the reception and I forgot to throw my wedding bouquet – fortunately, there were still some single ladies ready to catch it two days later) but it is true what they say: this day is so great that you just don’t care.

I know that it sounds really cheesy but we still have tears in our eyes when we think about that beautiful, dreamlike day: the way to the church, the gleam of sunlight that suddenly broke through the painted church window and covered everything in this warm, surreal light (despite the terrible weather forecast), our first kiss, the beautiful sunset in the garden during our reception, our first dance and most of all, the happiness on the faces of our loved ones (most of them travelled a lot to be with us)…

We are so happy to have had Dorota and Michal with us that day to catch these beautiful moments and put them into incredible, stunning pictures – we just cannot stop watching them over and over again. It is truly amazing how these pictures reflect the atmosphere of our wedding, the softness, the spiritual moments of the ceremony, the beautiful lights at the reception, the crazy dancing… and always with this inimitable WhiteSmoke-Style.

Location: Cracow, Poland
Getting ready: Hotel Stary
Ceremony:  Dominikans Church
Reception: Dwor Sierakow
Wedding planners: Kinga/Raz w Życiu
Wedding gown: Rime Arodaky
Make-up / Hair: Karolina Ciochon (Mac) / Dziedzic
Flowers: Eva Klimek
DJ / Band: Sternsanchez (DJ) & ProjecTorBIT
Wedding cake: Red