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Thanks for all the questions you have sent us. We appreciate your attention and interest in us and our work. We get lots of questions on a daily basis but we are just not able to answer all of them, so from time to time we will answer FAQs. Keep them coming and we will do our best to answer them. First of all, we would love to organise a workshop in London but are simply unable to do so at the moment, as we are extremely busy with our clients. As for sharing our knowledge with others for free, we would like you to read what our very clever friend David Murray said in 2009:

‘This is something that we all fall short on. We don’t realise the value of what we do. We therefore do not see that which we do well enough to say, “Hey, I have worked hard to get to this point!” “Why would I just want to give it all away to people who have done nothing in the business, and are asking for a free hand?” This is why there are seminars and workshops. When you have been doing what we have been doing for 4, 5, 10 years, you realise that there have been a lot of ups and downs. There have been costly mistakes, and time spent on being more efficient. There is a dollar value to all that time and money!’

So please understand that. We are, however, open to organising one-to-one workshops or in our case two-to-one with anyone who is interested. Drop us a line if you want to: info[at]

We look forward to hearing from you!theeye