Fearless Awards COLLECTION 38

Good news!

Dorota has been given an award in Fearless Awards COLLECTION 38 contest. Over 8,000 pictures were submitted by more than 500 photographers from all over the world. And only 90 pictures were awarded. WOW! We must say we’re both happy and proud!

Congratulations to all the winners. Many thanks Huy Nguyen, Susana Barbera (Spain), Joshua D’hondt (Belgium), and Christelle Rall (South Africa) for this amazing curation.

Here’s Dorota’s awarded photo:


And here’s her award in a previous contest:

Michal got one Honorable Mention too! Have a look:

A big thank you to all the couples that have shared the best moments of their lives with us.

Fearless Photographers is an international organisation of thousands of wedding photographers. We had the pleasure of being speakers at the 2015 Fearless Conference in Bucharest, Romania, along with Ben and Erin Chrisman, Todd Laffler, Anna Kuperberg, Candice Cusic, Sergio, Carlo Carletti & Huy Nguyen.

Fearless is a family of photographers rather than another photographers’ association. We regularly meet at conferences, we give each other support and share experiences.

Dorota has had a chance to act as a judge herself at Fearless Awards contests twice. So, we know it’s no mean feat to be a Fearless curator. You need to plough through thousands of pictures to find real gems.