Kew Gardens Wedding

We travel a lot and are used to shooting in many locations and environments. It is, however, the melting pot of London that we find the most inspiring. This is why we keep returning there and it seems that nowadays it is much easier to spot us in Islington’s nooks and crannies or cobbled streets of Borough Market than in our home country.

Right after the first email from Harriet, we just knew we would hit it off. It came as no surprise that Harriet and Sanj’s great day was what we would always like a wedding and the story told through our photos to be. Life through the lens. Small gestures, family, emotions throughout the ceremony – it is so natural and so instant. Harriet & Sanj’s wedding had it all.

London Wedding Photographer

The night before the wedding Harriet was staying at Kew Gardens Hotel together with her mum and sister while Sanj was getting ready at home accompanied by his son and best man.

On the wedding day some guests went to a nearby pub where the groom was settling his nerves while others went straight to Cambridge Cottage At Kew Gardens where all the ceremonies of the day were taking place, namely the wedding ceremony, the Indian garland ceremony, the wedding breakfast and, last but not least, the wedding reception.

Harriet and Sanj’s wedding day was brimming with moving ceremonies filled with love and emotions, yet they managed to carve out some time for a bride-and-groom photo shoot at the iconic Kew Gardens. Harriet’s vintage glamour styling with just a hint of pin-up was simply dazzling.

Harriet & Sanj, thank you so much for your trust and the wonderful weekend.

Here are a few words from the bride and groom:

“WOW the photos on the blog are just fabulous – so many faves in there!
It’s so nice seeing the ones of the boys getting ready, and Sanj said the same about my side. Ahhhh. It’s rather serendipitous as we are both off work together today. So we are in bed with mugs of tea looking at the photos over and over again:0)

You guys are so talented, I know how hard you worked on the day/evening! We had a wonderful session with the photos on slideshow on Apple TV….ahhh so many lovely moments, we love all of them!!! The one with the guys walking to the venue and the ‘KING’ from ‘Parking’ on the ground – funny! There are so many faves-one in black and white which I think was from the other camera…after the dinner with Sanj and me standing in B&W – it looks like it could have been from 50 years ago! Dorota all those lovely ones you took when we were getting ready – you really captured the moments.”
H&S xx