These are wonderful! Thank you so much!

Rebecca and Dan’s wedding day couldn’t have been any more beautiful. We wish you all the best and thank you for the fantastic atmosphere! Today we’re going to share one of our favourite last year’s London weddings with you. We met Rebecca and Dan at Rebecca’s sister, Jo’s, wedding. Just a quick reminder: it was the wedding craze at the Corinthia Hotel during the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday. It turned out that Rebecca and Dan had equally high levels of positive energy so we simply couldn’t wait for their wedding day. We didn’t know where the ceremony was taking place until the last minute but the venue exceeded our expectations. Asylum Chapel is full of fantastic atmosphere and light which gave great results, however tricky it might have been. 

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The wedding reception at Skinners’ Hall was a display of Rebecca’s amazing organisational skills. We couldn’t stop shooting even for a minute as we didn’t want to miss any of the arrangements or the details. But most importantly, we wanted to document all the precious moments and the warm and familiar atmosphere which we witnessed from the preps until the very end of the wedding. We will definitely think back to this day and wonderful family. Enjoy the photos!