Documentary Wedding Photography

We’re having a meeting with our couple at a cafe’. We make ourselves comfortable on the sofa ready for people watching, which can be as fascinating as photographing them. There’s no way you cannot get engaged in the microcosm of a cafe’ life and what happens between people, all their gestures, bold or surreptitious glances people cast at each other. Cafes are tiny ecosystems with their own rules. They are a perfect reflection of life.

When Sylwia and Mateusz enter we know it’s them. They both look beautiful and laid back despite the fact that Mateusz is getting married with his arm in plaster. An accident on the bike just before the wedding would be a major crisis for many, but not for these two. After all, we want emotions and moments. They don’t want any session or posing on their wedding. Our heads fill up with a million light bulbs. So the standard question follows: Is it supposed to mean you want natural-looking portraits? ‘No! No portraits at all,’ is the response.

The worst wedding scenario.. and maybe the best one?

It turns out that design is not the only passion we share with Sylwia and Mateusz, who are both architects, but also the love for black and white, pure emotions and classic reportage. This is ideal! When we need to work within clearly set boundaries, for example no posing, our adrenaline rush is even stronger. There is no place for tricks anymore. There is light pressure and a million questions. What if nothing happens during the wedding and they’re going to just sit there and talk for 8 hours? It may be boring. Predictable. Or just common.

Keep Moving, Keep Shooting

And here comes the cafe and the best part about it: a million looks, gestures and smiles. The atmosphere, the mood, the climate. And this is what we can focus on. And here we come! #KeepMovingKeepShooting!

The wedding was awesome. Emotions were bubbling. And Sylwia and Mateusz just rocked! Congratulations once again! And big thanks for your trust. We made a fantastic team!

Here are a few words from the Bride and Groom, Sylwia and Mateusz:

Shall we say something about ourselves? We are a couple of architects. We appreciate beauty, we focus on details and we catch moments. When thinking about about our wedding, we did not have a perfect ceremony or ideal moments in mind. We wanted it to be natural. We wanted to be present in every single moment. And we knew that our choice of wedding photographers was going to be crucial since we would always go back to our wedding day through their eyes. Dorota and Michal were simply fantastic. They managed to perfectly capture all the emotions which accompanied us on the day, ranging from stress and tears to laughter, joy and affection. They both emanate brilliant energy that rubs off on everyone around. Thanks to their way of working with people we did not feel any stress during the session at all.
‘There is nothing in the world that would not have the decisive moment,’ wrote Cardinal de Retz in the 17th century. There were many moments on our wedding day that made up the most beautiful day of our lives.
Thank you again! You are fantastic!
All the best, Sylwia & Mateusz

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