When a photographer hires a photographer

Imagine an exam you’re totally unprepared for. Or even worse – a public speech in front of thousands of strangers. Let’s dig deeper – your presentation doesn’t work and your notes are gone. Your anxiety levels are getting higher and higher, you’re sweating like a pig and your mind goes blank. Do you know the feeling? You have two options: either give up or act upon it. What are you going to do?

Stress makes us tick

Adrenaline rush makes you think on your feet. Take a deep breath and #KeepMovingKeepShooting!, which simply means move your body and start a creating process! Do not freeze! Move your legs, move your brain, start from little details and bigger things will follow. It goes without saying that before every public performance, workshop, session or reportage we do have butterflies in our stomachs but this means we’re ready to work.

The most stressful, but most motivating job is when our client happens to be a photographer

Especially when it’s a wedding photographer. Trust, cooperation and understanding of what it means to work together, perception of light, more artistic freedom, no limits, more time devoted to a portrait session and so on and so forth. That’s what we get when we work for other artists.

Kamil, a Polish wedding photographer and the owner of FlatRock Studio and his wife, Magda, are artists themselves. We share the same values and expectations and that is why our cooperation proved to be plain sailing. We were able to focus on the emotions between the bride and the groom and managed to capture the mood of the day. We even got an award for Magda and Kamil’s wedding! Thank you guys for such an amazingly breathtaking cooperation.

What we love the most is working with people who value cooperation with personal storytellers with an artistic twist. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you match the description.